Inside Label

Using your custom label


Last Update 3 years ago

Some of our products are available for custom relabeling. This means we will remove the physical tag, and print your custom label on the inside of the t-shirt. 

This custom label print is not a physical woven tag. And it's worth repeating again that we will remove the physical tag if you have selected this print area, which means there will not be any size/material/washing logo etc. Therefore we recommend that you include these info if it's important, especially the size.

Pro tip! It is important to remember that white tees will show through the back, especially if the label is a dark colour print, so to mitigate this you can consider using a light blue or light grey colour instead.

For affiliate stores:

If you are considering to sell your product with a custom label, here's how we can help.

1. Prepare your label files. You will need 1 set for White t-shirts, and 1 set for Colour t-shirts. The maximum print area is 3x3", so set your artboard to this size. Your label can be smaller, but make sure you export your files with the 3x3" artboard with transparent background.

2. Send us the files via email and let us know your store name, and we will store this info locally.

3. In your decorated product listing, please make sure you upload 1 custom label (e.g. in M size).

4. For each sale, if the product includes a custom label, we will be replacing the label with the correct size.